About G-Five LLC

G-Five LLC
is an affiliation of private pay telephone vendors formed in 1993 to extend to small and medium-sized payphone service providers the advantages, benefits, and economies of scale generally available only to much larger firms. G-Five now provides its programs and services to over 800 payphone service provider "affiliates", representing over 40,000 payphones. The directors of G-Five are private pay telephone vendors who understand in detail the needs of the payphone service provider.

There are a number of aggregators in the payphone industry today. None surpass G-Five's reputation for integrity and service. We take pride in our association with the American Public Communications Council (APCC), the California Payphone Association (CPA), the Texas Payphone Association (TPA).

G-FIVE LLC   P.O. BOX 493731     REDDING, CA 96049     PHONE: 1-800-644-3483

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